Bull Terrier Puppies

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A Bull Terrier for your needs

We at the Pound 4 Pound Bull Terrier Breeders of Pennsylvania, are Bull Terrier owners first, and Breeders secondly. We take pride in breeding for health, temperament, and confirmation. Proudly we offer registered dogs, for the possible showing of a dog, or competitions, and unregistered for the typical pet owner looking for a best friend that is price friendly. All of our puppies are health checked.

Socialization from birth for a well rounded pet

They are socialized at an early age with other animals, and children for better temperament. Our families home helps aid in developing a well rounded pet for your need. All while breeding dogs that superseded to uphold the standards of the bull terrier breed. Welcome to Pound 4 Pound Bull Terrier Breeders.



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